Mission & Vision


The mission of PPM-UPRAg is in harmony with the commitment of the University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla.  The teacher candidates will develop sound knowledge in general education and in the principles, concepts, and processes of the discipline they plan to teach.  The will have opportunities to develop competencies in the use of appropriate instructional strategies integrating multimedia technology as a powerful, creative tool for effective learning.  Upon reflection on the teaching experience and with the use of multiple assessment strategies, the teacher candidate will adapt learning experiences to all educational settings.  Teacher candidates will be encouraged to become professionals with ethical and aesthetic values, respectful and tolerant of individual differences, and committed to life-long learning.


In accordance with the vision of the University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla, the PPM-UPRAg responds to the commitment of being a model of excellence.  The teacher candidate will be distinguished as a knowledgeable, ethical, reflective, and highly qualified professional in continuous learning, with the capacity to transform educational processes within a global and democratic society.  The teacher candidate, as a humanistic, constructivist educator, will apply the pedagogical and professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to help all students learn.